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MSR Flex 3 Cook System
  • $129.95
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Flex 3 System

  • Flex 3 System includes:

    • 1 2.3L nonstick hard-anondized aluminum pot
    • 1 3.3L hard-anodized aluminum pot
    • 1 strainer lid (for 3.3L pot)
    • 1 Talon pot handle
    • 3 polypropylene DeepDish plates
    • 3 12.5 oz. insulated stainless steel mugs

  • Nested design
  • 38.4 oz.
  • 5.25-in. high x 8.75-in. diameter
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    MSR Flex 3 System - The Flex 3 cookware system takes the unique versatility of MSR's blended-material cooksets and adds the capacity to easily handle groups of three or more. The durable aluminum pots are specially formulated for maximum scratch resistance. Deep Dish plates and insulated stainless steel mugs serve up the feast. The compact form is designed to nest together, providing optimal packing efficiency. Cook like you do at home with the MSR Flex 3 system.

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    I love the flexibility of the set. I can adjust what I am bringing based on the number in our party. Rounded edges make more efficient transfer of heat. Talon handle works wonderfully and interchanges easily. The cups are extremely functional, retain heat, and are easy to clean. Bowls work for pretty much any kind of meal. I bought the optional skillet to go along with this set and it covers pretty much every backcountry scenario from minimalist to comfort-minded expedition.


    Portland, OR


    This set is sweet. I spent a chunk of time trying to figure out how best to pack my 2-person Snowpeak ti cookset and some REI mugs, etc into various camping pots when I finally came to the realization that I just wasn't going to outdo the system that MSR had already designed. I've used this set for car camping and backpacking. The pots are perfect volumes for 3-4 people and the plates and mugs are quite flexible in terms of function. I generally use the mugs for coffee and tea in the morning and cocktails and beer in the evening, and they do both well. As far as I've seen, the metal lips of the mugs can't be much (if at all) hotter than their contents, so there's no reason that they should burn your lips unless their contents were so hot that they were going to burn the inside of your mouth anyways. The mugs insulate better than any single wall cup but not as well as most vacuum insulated cups, which makes sense. I've used one of the mugs as my go-to drinking vessel for international travel and was very happy with it. I think the talon handle works really well, too. I have also, unfortunately, already gotten to price a replacement piece. My friend was melting some butter in my brand-new smaller pot when I looked in and saw that the pot had a nice grey plate lining the bottom. The replacement plate for the melted one was reasonably priced from MSR. I think that most companies have a hard time justifying offering replacement parts at all when considering the bottom line, so I'm ok with paying a little more for replacement parts than not being able to get them at all, as is the normal situation with most consumer products these days. I have already given the MSR Quick 2 System, essentially the same setup for 2 people, as a gift to a friend. PS, I think this is my first internet review of any product, ever. I wanted to offer my positive experience after seeing other less than stellar reviews of this product.


    Austin, TX


    This set is very functional for lightweight camping for three. It will be too large for minimalist campers and too small for heavy duty use, but works very well for camping with scouts and motorcycle trips.

    Brad Hancock


    Was thinking hard between Flex 3 (3L. and 2L. pots), 4 (5L.and 3L. pots) and light weight GSI set. MSR won because of hard anodized aluminum and aluminum lid. This set is perfect for two people because you can use extra plate for a salad for example and extra mug for dressing or gravy or smth. else. Large enough for all your needs. 3 liters pan for a first meal and 2 liters for your tea or coffee and the rest of the water to clean dishes after meal. Just buy extra skillet ( I got MSR blacklight fry pan) which will fit inside this set and pot gripper and you never need nothing else. Extra GSI Outdoors Glacier cup will be helpful if needed some hot water without starting a stove just from the camp fire. All pros except one thing. After two weeks of use the rubberish coating on one of the mugs shrinked. Will contact MSR about it.

    Rouslan Chtcherbina


    MSR Flex 3 System by MSR for Camping

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