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Luna Oso Sandals
  • $57.75
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Oso Sandals with MGT Footbed

  • Rugged Vibram USA sole w/ aggressive tread pattern
  • Protective midsole
  • Rubberized non-slip MGT (Monkey Grip Technology) footbed
  • ATS Trail Lace strapping system:

    • 5/8-in climbing-grade tubular nylon webbing
    • Non-stretch heel strap w/ cushioned pad
    • Adjustment buckle w/ MGT reinforcement
    • Countersunk lacing soles

  • Removable/adjustable ankle Tech Straps
  • 11mm thickness
  • 14 oz. average weight (per pair)
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    Luna Oso Sandals - The Oso from Luna Sandals is a durable, premium trail sandal built for durability under harsh conditions. The tough, rugged sole and protective midsole, topped by non-slip MGT footbed keep your feet firmly in place. An aggressive tread pattern makes the Oso a great option for off-road running and adverse weather conditions, whether running or walking. Secure and comfortable ATS (All Terrain Strapping) laces with an adjustable buckle lets you fine-tune the fit. A non-stretch, cushioned heel pad adds security and comfort. Luna's Plug System uses soft, tubular nylon between the toes and a flat plug under the outsole for extended wear protection.The removable Tech Strap helps keep your heel strap and ankle secure. It's the final piece of an ultra-secure puzzle meant to keep your foot in place on slippery, hilly, and otherwise technical terrain. Secure and rugged, the Luna Oso sandals are ideal for technical trails and the gnarliest terrain.

    Luna Mono vs Oso:

  • The Mono is Luna’s most versatile sandal. It's fairly thick (12mm), but also light weight and molds to your foot quickly. It has some traction for trail running.
  • The Oso (11mm) is secure and rugged, but also Luna’s heaviest, least moldable option. If you need a tough, long-lasting LUNA for rocky terrain or a trail ultra marathon, the Oso is for you. If not, no Oso for you, yo!
  • Please note: Luna Oso Sandals come in Men's sizing. For Women's sizing, please choose the corresponding Men's size.

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    I love my Monos for all-around use, but if I know I'm going to be on the trail, I grab my Osos. They have a firmer footbed, and do a great job protecting my feel while still giving me great ground feel. The tread is also one of the stickiest I've had yet, even compared to my trail running shoes. They grip the trail, even in sloppy conditions.


    Columbia Gorge


    Been wearing the Osos for about 5 months now, summited 22 14ers in Colorado, some with snow( and socks with the sandals) and they have out performed any thing else I have ever used. I think that is a lot of rugged mileage for a sandal and they are still in fairly good shape. Very impressed. Even climbed a little in Alaska and the locals were impressed by the sandals. Thanks monkeys and keep playing!

    Roary archibald


    Amazing gear - I've hiked in Guatemala, the US, and all over India in these; from beaches to old forts to mountains to cities! I've had them on every day, and your can barely tell I've used them. These are by far the most versatile and comfortable pieces of footwear I've ever had, and I can't recommend them highly enough. Thank you!

    Jacob Zoller


    Oso Sandals by Luna for Trail Running

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