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Kokatat Men's Tropos SuperNova Paddling Suit
  • $504.95 – $534.95
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Mens Tropos Super Nova Kayak Paddling Suit

  • 2-layer waterproof/breathable Tropos nylon
  • Front-entry w/ Tizip waterproof chest zipper
  • Tizip waterproof front relief zipper
  • Adjustable punch-through (APT) neoprene neck gasket
  • Latex wrist gaskets w/ adjustable neoprene overcuffs
  • Integrated Tropos 3-layer waterproof/breathable socks
  • Adjustable neoprene ankle overcuffs
  • Adjustable bungee drawcord waist
  • Cordura seat, knee, & elbow reinforcements
  • Factory sealed seams
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty
  • Shopping Info
    Kokatat Men's Tropos Super Nova Kayak Paddling Suit - Get one-piece splash & spray protection with far more comfort in the Kokatat men's Tropos Super Nova semi-dry suit. Designed for touring paddlers and rafters, the Super Nova drysuit will keep you comfortable with waterproof and breathable 2-layer Tropos fabric. A customized urethane coating is applied to the nylon outer shell, preventing water from entering while allowing moisture vapor to escape. The neoprene Adjustable Punch-Through neck gasket minimizes water entering the suit, and is much more comfortable than traditional latex gaskets. Latex wrist gaskets and integrated Tropos socks with adjustable neoprene overcuffs seal out water, keeping you warm and dry. The front entry with Tizip waterproof zipper makes getting in and out simple, and the relief zipper is very helpful when nature calls. The competition cut offers the maximum range of motion available and the reinforced seat and knee patches add longevity to the suit. Staying dry is the first step to staying warm, and the Kokatat men's Tropos Super Nova semi-dry suit is perfect for the job.

    We highly recommend Kokatat's Power Dry Drysuit Liner with this purchase. It is designed to be worn directly under the dry suit and provides great thermal protection.

    Sizing for Kokatat Men's Tropos Super Nova Kayak Paddling Suit:

    Size S M L XL XXL
    Chest 35 - 38" 38 - 41" 41 - 44" 44 - 48" 48 - 52"
    Waist 28 -31" 31 - 34" 34 - 37" 37 - 41" 41 - 45"
    Hips 36 - 38" 39 - 41" 41 - 44" 44 - 47" 47 - 50"
    Inseam 29 - 30" 30 - 31" 31 - 32" 32 - 33" 32 - 33"
    Height 5'2" - 5'6" 5'6" - 6' 5'10" - 6'2" 6' - 6'4" 6' - 6'6"
    Weight (lbs.) 115 - 140 140 - 175 175 - 200 200 - 240 220 - 260
    Built In Socks S M M M L

    Click Here For A Sizing Chart

    I was tired of sweating my butt off in my wet suit. I was always concerned about my upper body while wearing the farmer john wet suit, so I broke down and bought this. Great Move! The Super Nova Semi Dry suit is "almost" a dry suit. It is made of a breathable fabric, with sewn in socks, and a relief zipper. The socks are super for keeping your feet dry, and the relief zipper is great for RELIEF without needing to take the suit off. The first time I wore it, I walked out into the water to see if it really was "dry". I found out why it is good to "burp" it, as the upper part ballooned out from the air inside. As I got into chest high water, I just pulled out on my neck seal, and let the air out. I was perfectly dry inside. I did feel how cold the water was, and was glad to have my liner under it for warmth. Note a semi-dry, or dry suit does not insulate you from the cold, it only keeps you dry. The latex wrist gaskets kept out all water, and so did the zippers. They did what they were supposed to do. I didn't test the neoprene neck gasket this time. My paddling friend has one of these suits, and he told me he went swimming in his one day, and forgot to tighten the neck with the attached velcro strap. He said with it loose he only got a few drops in around the neck. Next time he tightened it, and got no water in at all. So I will take his word on this for now. I was concerned as to how hot I would be inside. I had the memories of sweating terribly in the wet suit. I must say I was very comfortable as we paddled about 7 miles. The sun was warm, but the air was about 50 degrees. The water was even colder. I was amazed at how comfortable I was while paddling. I would have been sweating a lot if I had been in my wet suit. If you paddle water that is not freezing cold, and you don't need a full dry suit, this Super Nova Semi-Dry suit beats a wet suit any day. How much is your life and comfort worth? In my estimation, at least the cost of this suit!

    Rolf Diek


    Our suits have just finished their third season, and we're still happy with them. Breathability is satisfactory for our purposes, and the zippers have remained waterproof. Neck seal leakage when in the water and active is minimal - a few spoonfuls. The suits give us much, much better thermal protection in the water and comfort in the boat than the 3mm Farmer Johns they replace...



    I've had my SuperNova for a couple of years, and have gotten good use from it. I have had no issues with its construction, the zippers have not let in a drop of water, and the breathability, while maybe not equal to Gore-Tex, has been quite good. The booties are the best feature; I love having dry, warm feet when I paddle! I wear this often for full day paddles and have found it an excellent alternative to a full dry suit for the price. I do find that the neoprene neck lets in a fair amount of water when submerged even when it is cinched tight (I have a pretty small neck). For this reason I may pick up a lower-end full drysuit just for when I know I will be getting wet, but the Supernova will still be my go-to suit for everyday paddling.



    Men's Tropos Super Nova Kayak Paddling Suit by Kokatat Watersports Wear for Kayaking

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