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Kokatat Men's GORE-TEX Front Entry Drysuit
  • $944.00 – $1,024.00
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Men's GORE-TEX Front Entry Drysuit

  • Evolution 3.21 oz nylon 3-layer Gore-Tex
  • Optiseal metal tooth chest zipper
  • Optiseal metal tooth relief zipper
  • Latex neck & wrist gaskets
  • Adjustable neoprene gasket cuffs
  • Integrated Gore-Tex socks
  • Adjustable bungee waist
  • Cordura seat & knee reinforcements
  • Factory sealed seams
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Shopping Info
    Kokatat Men's GORE-TEX Front Entry Drysuit - The Men's Gore-Tex Front Entry Kayak Drysuit by Kokatat is the dry suit of choice for rafters, canoeists, and kayakers! This Drysuit with Relief Zipper and Gore-Tex Socks combines legendary quality and comfort with Kokatat's new Paddling Anatomy Design. It starts with the Gore-Tex Immersion Technology membrane laminated to an ultra-durable 3.21 oz. high-count nylon outer fabric and a unique moisture-dispersing scrim inner lining. This tightly woven fabric is tough as nails, yet quiet and comfortable so you can focus on the experience at hand. Special seam taping permanently seals the seams, creating a completely waterproof and breathable suit. Adjustable neoprene cuffs protect the latex neck, wrist, and ankle gaskets from abrasion and UV exposure, while integrated Gore-Tex socks keep your feet warm and dry! The metal tooth waterproof Optiseal zipper runs diagonally across the chest making it easy to take on and off. A relief zipper gives you easy relief access when nature calls. The competition cut underarm offers the maximum range of motion available and reinforced Cordura seat and knee patches add longevity to the suit. Finally, a self-draining chest pocket keeps essentials where you want them. This suit is perfect for any water activity. You'll be dry, your suit will fit comfortably, and it will even breath underwater!

    We highly recommend Kokatat's Power Dry Drysuit Liner with this purchase. It is designed to be worn directly under the dry suit and provides great thermal protection.

    Sizing for Kokatat Men's GORE-TEX Front Entry Drysuit:

    Size S M L XL XXL
    Chest 35 - 38" 38 - 41" 41 - 44" 44 - 48" 48 - 52"
    Waist 28 -31" 31 - 34" 34 - 37" 37 - 41" 41 - 45"
    Hips 36 - 38" 39 - 41" 41 - 44" 44 - 47" 47 - 50"
    Sleeve 30 - 32" 32 - 34" 34 - 35" 35 - 36" 36 - 37"
    Inseam 29 - 30" 30 - 31" 31 - 32" 32 - 33" 32 - 33"
    Height 5'2" - 5'6" 5'6" - 6' 5'10" - 6'2" 6' - 6'4" 6' - 6'6"
    Weight (lbs.) 115 - 140 140 - 175 175 - 200 200 - 240 220 - 260
    Built In Socks S M M M L

    Click Here For A Sizing Chart

    I bought this suit several years ago and I am constantly pleased with both it performance and construction. Kokatat designs are amazing. Built by paddlers for paddlers, they offer both a base model of their suits as well as lots of custom upgrades. I would recommend that you look into getting the Gore-Tex socks rather then the base latex gasket. It is considerably more comfortable and durable. Your feet don’t get wet and they are easy to take on and off. They cut and fit on the jacket is great leaving lots of room for movement. There are lots of other dry suit companies out there but I wouldn’t consider anything else.

    Mark Sellers


    I wear this drysuit in forty degree Alaska waters while kayaking. It is a little hard to get on but that is true of all drysuits. Once on it keeps me warm and dry. Without it I would not have the option of practicing rolling skills or surfing because I would constantly be afraid of falling into very cold water. The suit may seem expensive but it is essential for safe cold water paddling. Also if you haven't used a drysuit before the neck gasket will seem too tight- Do Not Try to cut it Bigger as that will cause it to split open when you stretch it! Eventually it will stretch out a bit- put it on a plastic coffee can for a few days if you need to stretch it. And if latex bothers your skin look for a paddle suit with neoprene neck closure. Sometimes I wear a light polypro turtleneck and pull a bit of it up under the neck gasket to prevent chafing on the throat. The zippers are very hard to operate (my wife keeps me around just to open and close her zippers!) because they have to be water tight. It is essential to get that last half inch tightly closed so get a front entry zipper that you can see and close yourself. And you definitely want the extra relief zipper cause it takes some time to safely get this suit off. Get some zipper wax to keep them lubed- I like Zip Tech from AquaSeal. And never get sand on the zippers. Like all Gore-tex you have to keep the cloth clean for it to work. So be careful about getting mud on the suit. The seams are sealed with seam tape which eventually can wear out and leak- especially in the booties. To extend the suits life try to minimize the amount of time that you walk around in it and don't get sand in your boots. Chafing from walking eventually wears the seam tape loose. Seam tape and latex gaskets can be replaced by Kokotat. If the suit seems too hot you are probably wearing too much underneath it. If I don't intend to roll or swim I dress for the air temp. If I anticipate a roll or swim I dress warmer for the water temp. Kokotat makes a cheaper Tropos suit which is good for occasional use but it'll wear out quicker. They also make a higher end Meridian suit with a skirt tunnel. But for all around use it is hard to beat this mid-level suit.

    Steven Reierson


    Kokatat GORE-TEX Drysuits

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