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Kayaking shorts are worn by kayakers, stand-up paddlers and rafters to keep their legs warm. Kayaking shorts come in a variety of materials and designs. You might enjoy the short surfer style, board shorts, or you might prefer neoprene kayaking shorts. Whatever kayak short you choose is perfect and will certainly make a day out on the water with your kayak a fun adventure. Kayaking shorts are matched up nicely with a kayak drytop, paddling top or kayaking splash top.

Heat is lost to the environment in four ways


Heat flows from a warmer object to a cooler one. Since your body is often warmer than the air, you lose heat when your skin is exposed. With the right kayak drysuit covering your body, you'll be more comfortable.


Heat is lost through air movement. A cold, windy day will steal your heat and energy faster than a calm day. Kayak shorts will cut convective heat loss.


Heat is lost with contact with something cold and that loss is up to 32 times faster when that something cold is water. Conductive heat loss can be balanced with a good pair of neoprene kayak shorts.


Heat dissipates when moisture leaves the body as vapor (perspiration). Even though it may be cold outside, if you are exerting yourself, you will sweat. As that sweat evaporates your body will get colder. You can manage that moisture with a good system of moisture wicking, hydrophobic insulation and breathable, neoprene kayak shorts.