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Kayak Storage Pulley Hoist
  • $39.95
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Storage Hoist

  • Includes all mounting hardware
  • Quick and easy access
  • Two-rope system
  • Safety release mechanism
  • Works on all ceilings up to 9'
  • 100 lb. weight capacity
  • Cam straps not included
  • Shopping Info
    Kayak Storage Hoist - This is a must have kayak storage system for any paddler, and that is probably why it is one of our most popular selling items. This convenient kayak storage system will free up space in your garage, apartment, or house by storing your kayak at ceiling level. The two-rope system allows a single user to easily raise and lower any kayak or canoe. It lowers evenly and features a safety release mechanism, preventing your kayaks from falling. This kayak hoist works on all ceilings up to 9', and includes mounting hardware for finished ceilings and open rafters. It provides excellent storage whether putting your boat up for the night or for the season.

    Click here for Installation Instructions

    We highly recommend the use of straps to hang your kayak. Hanging the boat from its grab loops may cause the boat to warp over time. Using straps to cradle the boat helps spread the weight more evenly, preventing hull distortion. You will find straps under the "Recommended" tab.

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    The Kayak Storage Hoist was the perfect solution to our garage. Up and out of the way, we were able to hang both rec kayaks easily. The system is idle since there is little lifting power at all needed to hoist the kayaks. Highly recommend for all those with limited storage or neat freaks like myself.

    Debbie Durban

    Manchester, NY


    I have a 10 foot, 40 lbs Old Town Dirigo and was looking to get it off my garage floor. I installed the BAC Industries Pulley Hoist under my second story deck and it is perfect. The pulley system installed easily (choice of on a ceiling or on a joist) and hoisting the kayak by myself was no problem. I would recommend this product and now I can get my car back in my garage!

    J. G. Wolf



    I have 28 foot extension ladder that I use about twice a year and has been taking up precious space leaning against the garage wall. The ladder is too heavy and awkward to hang on wall hooks above head height so I bought the PH-01 to hoist it to the ceiling. The hoist was easy to assemble and install, and works as expected. I took off one star because the pulley flanges seem to be a little shallow and the rope can come off of the pulley if the assembly isn't mounted level and you pull the rope rapidly. This is a minor issue in my opinion since it is easily prevented by being careful to mount the pulley assemblies level. A key feature of this hoist is having independent control of the front and rear lift points through two separate ropes. I have some bike lifts with a single rope system and the bikes never want to raise evenly. Other reviewers have complained that it's too hard to raise the item they are hanging. This is not a problem with the hoist. It feels heavy because all of the weight of the item being lifted is concentrated through the rope and gives the perception that it is "heavier" than expected. Highly recommended.


    Alpharetta, GA


    What is good is that the assembly is easy to install and use. I had to use my own screws cause I didn't trust the screws that came with the kit. My older 14' kayak takes some effort to pull it up and the thin rope seems to really cut into my hands but gloves help. I wish the hoist came with straps. I didn't notice that when I ordered it so I had to find straps at my local hardware store. The ropes get off track if you don't pull from the ends and I think that the pulleys should be larger to keep this from happening. This is a decent hoist if you have a small kayak and plenty of room to stand off to the side, not underneath.

    Avery G.

    Apex, NC


    Poorly designed product ill-suited for the purpose. The blocks are cheap stamped metal, and there is some much gap around the pulleys that the ropes constantly get caught up in them. I bought two of these and regret it - and I will be making a lift system myself to replace them. The "quality" of these items is a joke.

    Mike N

    Sacramento, Calif.


    This product might be acceptable to hoist a bicycle but do not waste your money on it if you intend to hoist a 40-50lb kayak. The rope frays very easily probably because it drags across a lock mechanism that needs to be held vertical to unlock and allow the rope to move. The rope will jump the pulleys easily and become jammed between it and the metal bracket. Keep a ladder handy. Once the kayak gets close to the ceiling, the angle of the rope increases in order to clear the hull and so does the force to pull on the rope. Feels like I'm going to yank it right out of the ceiling joists. This contraption is not even worthy of one star because it's another poorly designed product that I am frustrated and embarrased to admit is American Made!


    Fair Haven, MI






    Kayak Storage Hoist Solution for Kayaking

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