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how to choose a kayak spray skirt - kayaking sprayskirtHow To Choose A Kayak Spray Skirt

Finding the right kayaking spray skirt is not that hard...

Without a kayaking spray skirt your boat would fill with water. Kayak spray skirts are designed so the tunnel of the skirt fits around your waist and the skirt itself fits over the cockpit rim of the boat. This creates a watertight seal. Whether you are splashing through the waves or kayaking in the rain, a spray skirt will keep the water from entering your kayak and is a must for all decked boats.

Choosing a kayak skirt is simple. Just determine what type of boat you have, and then match the size of the cockpit to the skirt size. Select from one of the following options.

Touring Recreational Flatwater Kayak Kayaking Spray Skirts Flatwater Kayaking Spray Skirts:
Recreational kayakers use this spray skirt to keep out the occasional water splash. Sea kayakers who enjoy more extreme pursuits may prefer an all neoprene kayak skirt, or a kayak skirt made of waterproof Gore-Tex material. These kayak skirts usually have additional features like extra pockets or hand warmers.
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Whitewater Kayak Kayaking Spray Skirts Whitewater Kayaking Spray Skirts:
These kayak skirts are made from 100% neoprene with a shock cord that secures the skirt to the cockpit. Neoprene is waterproof and more durable than nylon skirts. They are also less likely to pop off if a big wave lands on the boat. An essential piece of kayaking gear for any whitewater kayaker.
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Don't Forget!

Kayaking Kayak Cockpit Covers Kayaking Cockpit Covers:
A worthwhile accessory to the kayak spray skirt is the kayak cockpit cover. This will keep the dust and rain out of the kayak cockpit. It also keeps sand, rain, and rodents out of your cockpit. Most importantly, it will protect your boat's cockpit, interior and contents with assurance.
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Other Kayaking Spray Skirt Tips:

Care: Keep your kayak skirt clean. Rinse your kayak skirt with clean water after every use, especially if it has been used in salt water or exposed to chlorine during a pool session. Both salt and chlorine degrade neoprene. Store your kayakskirt in a cool, dry, dark place (UV breaks down the rubber on the spray skirt).

Too Tight: Kayaking spray skirts are designed to fit snugly. If the kayak spray skirt is too loose, it may be dislodged by a wave. However, be sure it can be easily released if you are ever upside down underwater. The first few times you use it, you may need help stretching it over the kayak cockpit. Try attaching a new kayak skirt to the boat and keep it there for a few days to loosen it up before you use it. Or, try wetting the kayak skirt before attaching it.