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JetBoil 1.8L Sumo Flux Ring Companion Cup
  • $59.95
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JetBoil Flux Ring Sumo Companion Cup

  • 1.8L volume
  • Compatible w/ Sol, Zip, Flash, PCS, GCS & Sumo systems
  • Stows a 100 or 230 g can of fuel & burner base
  • 8.25” x 4.9” (210 mm x 125 mm)
  • 12.5 oz (355 g)
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    Jetboil 1.8L Sumo Flux Ring Companion Cup - The 1.8-liter Sumo Companion Cup from Jetboil is big enough to share with your friends.. It’s an all season powerhouse, melting snow in the dead of winter. Fast and quick, the Jetboil Sumo locks directly onto your compatible Jetboil burner. The versatile Sumo also gives you a variety of packing configurations. The Sumo can stow a 100 or 230 g Jetboil fuel canister and burner base with room to spare, or a complete Sol or Zip system with 100 gm fuel. The Sumo is even capable of stowing a 450 gram fuel canister. Power through cooking chores with the Jetboil 1.8L Sumo Flux Ring Companion Cup.
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    An envy to all!

    I was the envy of all my friends on my last kayaking camp excursion out on the outer banks. Everyone just marveled on the effiecency of the cup and the size. I just smiled and thought to myself what a great purchase.

    Betty Crooks

    Atlanta, GA


    Flux Ring Sumo Companion Cup 1.8L by JetBoil for Camping

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