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Hot Shot Signal Mirror
  • $12.95
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Shot Signal Mirror

  • Mirror 4.25 x 2.75 x .19 in.
  • 1.8 ounces
  • Signal Mirror/Whistle Combo
  • Red dot for optimum sighting
  • Telescope quality mirror for focused image
  • Patented whistle that meets USCG guidelines
  • Buoyant float for easy recovery
  • Lanyard for securing to person or gear
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    The Hot Shot Signal Mirror/Whistle Combo assures that you are seen and heard. The unique aiming device lets you be sure you're aiming the light beam at your target. Made out of polycarbonate, the mirror will not break easily and it's more resistant to scratches than many other types of plastics. The telescope quality reflective film layer is placed on the back of the polycarbonate and sealed with a colored coating where detailed instructions are printed. This is the essential signaling devices for open water and back country exploring!

    Here's how it works:

    1. Hold the back of the mirror close to one eye.
    2. Reflect sunlight into your hand.
    3. When you look through the inner hole in the mirror a red spot will be visible.
    4. Move the red spot to the target and that shows you where you are signaling. The red spot is an optical illusion created by the red reflective material that surrounds the inner hole in the mirror.

    Also, the dual tone whistle gives a piercing blast of sound that can be heard over a long distance. It's attached to the mirror with a bright yellow lanyard. The attached float will save the unit if you drop it overboard. The Hot Shot should be included in every boater's, backpacker's, skier's andoutdoor enthusiast's safety kit!

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    This is a great piece of safety gear that takes up a little bit of space but provides a huge amount of peace of mind! I bought the Hot Shot for an expedition trip in Alaska but I’ve used it for so much more. When I’m boating I keep it in my first aid kit, just in case. When I go on hikes and camping trips I’ll drop it in my backpack. And when I drive up into the mountains to go skiing, I take it too. I guess I’m a boy scout thru and thru. Always be prepared! Always have your Hot Shot!

    Paul Pruit

    St. Paul


    The best signal mirror made, period. It has an optical illusion "laser dot" you can use to aim your mirror much more effectively than the standard "business card" sized mirror. It has horsepower! And boy is it durable!

    Jimmy F.

    Jacksonville FL


    If I were stranded anywhere sunny, I would want to have the Hot Shot Signal Mirror. What sets this mirror apart from other shiny objects is that it has a “red dot” sight in the middle of it so you will know the sun's reflecting at the search party. If you are concerned about being stranded somewhere with an emergency, this mirror could save the day.

    Mt. Climber



    Hot Shot Signal Mirror - Kayaking Safety Gear

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