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Our Environmental Commitment:

To remain 100% carbon neutral
in all of our company's operations.

To achieve this goal, we currently:

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

Thanks to our great staff, we have an effective reuse and recycling program in place.

We Offset Our Location Footprint

We offset the carbon footprint from our warehouse and office building through purchasing certified carbon offsets from Bonneville Environmental Foundation.

We Offset Our Shipping Footprint

The largest and most complicated offset for Outdoorplay is shipping. We send tens of thousands of packages around the country and world. For this effort we've partnered with GreenShipping.com. They extract the carbon footprint of every package we send. The total is offset through purchasing certified carbon offsets from Bonneville Environmental Foundation.

We Offset Our Individual Footprints

Outdoorplay encourages all of our employees to offset their personal footprints and we support them by paying 25% the offset. This has resulted in 49 Metric Tons of C02.

The Outdoorplay Green Program (in development)

The reality of outdoor recreation is that we create a large collective footprint. People seldom consider the fact that kayaks are made out of plastic, or in other words oil! The Outdoorplay Green program is a partnership between our company, our customers, and the Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF). The program offers our customers the opportunity to donate one dollar with each purchase. That money is used to purchase carbon offsets from wind and solar power that supports non-polluting renewable energy and watershed restoration. To put it in simple terms, Outdoorplay has created a way for our customers to help support the production of clean, renewable energy.




How do Carbon offsets work:

A Carbon Offset balances the carbon emissions from activities such as air travel, employee commuting, business operations, and product shipping.

They represent the capture or reduction of harmful greenhouse gases emitted from sources such as fossil fuels, animal waste, landfills or refrigerants.

A carbon offset represents the reduction of greenhouse gases equivalent to 1 metric ton of carbon dioxide.

We realize that some people believe that carbon offsets are at best a justification to use more,
and at worst a money making scam. We do not believe that is true.

We 100% agree that the first step should be to reduce, reuse, and recycle. But the reality is that you cannot reduce to zero. Carbon offsets are a great way to offset your remaining footprint. Carbon offsets are invested in clean energy like solar and wind power. The clean energy companies do not receive the subsidies that coal and oil companies do and therefore they cannot compete. This creates a vicious cycle of dependence on oil and we are not given alternative fuel sources. Our collective investments in carbon offsets are allowing clean energy to grow, compete, and hopefully one day replace dirty energy like coal and oil.

There are many of highly reputable non-profit foundations selling carbon offsets. We have partnered with Bonneville Environmental Foundation. They are fully vetted and used by the most reputable companies like Patagonia and REI. All investments are evaluated and certified by independent third parties...