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Dual Chamber Sea Kayak Safety Paddle Float
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Chamber Kayak Paddle Float

  • Dual inflation chambers
  • Quick-release buckles
  • Clip-on safety tether
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    A good paddle float is an essential component of off-shore paddling. With proper training and practice, a paddle float will enable you to reenter your craft in open water, eliminating the need to tow your boat to shore or to wait for a rescue from friends. This float has dual chambers designed with an extra large capacity for maximum buoyancy, quick release buckles for easy attachment to kayak paddle and clip-on safety tether to eliminate loss in windy conditions.

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    Don't like it. Paddle is not secure because area is not buckled securley even when inflated. Must inflate both chambers to secure paddle and water can fill paddle chamber and float could be lost due to weight of water contained. Cheesy feel and weighs over 1-pound.




    Unlike the previous reviewer, the Seattle Sports dual chamber float is my preferred paddle float. I have done several hundreds of rescue practices with it (I'm an instructor) and it's not failed in 6+ years of use. It does buckle securely to the shaft - you just have to go around the shaft once as shown in the picture. One chamber is enough to offer decent floatation so you have backup, much better than cheap single chamber inflatables I have seen. Yes, the inner part can fill with water. That's a GOOD thing, as the weight acts as counterbalance keeping the float at the water's surface when a paddler get's their center of balance too far to the other side of the kayak, away from the float. I've seen it happens dozens of times with new paddlers practicing their rescues for the first time.

    Bryan S.

    Saskatoon, SK


    Dual Chamber Sea Kayak Safety Paddle Float for Kayaking

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