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Dagger Nomad 8.1 Whitewater Kayak
  • $844.00
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Nomad 8.1 Whitewater Kayak

  • Hight-density polyethylene plastic 
  • Contour Ergo Creek Outfitting System:
    • Tank style rotomolded creek seat w/ 3-in fore/aft adjustment
    • Adjustable quick-release hip pads
    • Padded seat w/ optional seat booster insert
    • Adjustable backband & thigh braces
    • Ergonomic leg lifter
    • Multi-adjustable bulkhead footbrace

  • Adjustable gear storage system w/ tensioning cord lock
  • Multiple gear loops w/ quick-clip access
  • Reinforced step-out wall w/ carry handle
  • Deck brace
  • 5 security grab handles
  • 2 security anchor points
  • Molded-in drain plug
  • Made in the USA

  • Don't forget a cockpit cover! A Seals 1.4 deck cockpit cover will fit the Nomad 8.1 kayak.

    Shopping Info

    Boat Weight Length Width Cockpit Volume Paddler Weight
    8.1 47 lbs. 8' 1" 25.5" 34" x 19" 68 gals. 110 - 190 lbs.
    8.5 49 lbs. 8'5" 26.5" 34" x 19" 78 gals. 150 - 240 lbs.

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    Dagger Nomad 8.1 Whitewater Kayak - The Nomad 8.1 kayak continues Dagger's creek boat tradition with unmatched safety features and a rock-solid design that makes it a time-tested winner. The Nomad has enough length to handle big water and downriver bombing, but it's still short and quick enough to bounce down the hairball runs you don't tell you mom about. Contour Ergo outfitting has plenty of comfort for all day on the river. There are multiple rescue attachment points, and a reinforced step-out wall. Predictability and reliability are key features in a creek kayak. The Dagger Nomad 8.1 will take care of you from the put-in to the take-out.

    Don't forget a cockpit cover! A Seals 1.4 deck cockpit cover will fit the Nomad 8.1 kayak.

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    Me: 6"1", 195-200lbs, size 10 feet. I have had the Nomad 8.5 for 9 months now. Previous creekers were the Huka and the Micro 240. Went to the Huka for more maneuverability over the 240, but felt the Huka was just too short to run the big stuff. The Nomad has more length and volume which seems to make it track better, get speed quicker and punch holes with more "umph". The real surprise is that I don't feel like I've lost any maneuverability over the Huka (I think this comes from the rocker). I am able to make in-rapid adjustments (which I could never do in the Micro) and catch all the eddies I go for. The extra 8" makes the tight spots tighter, but overall I really like having the length. Boofs very well, easy to control the entry angle, and the peaked decks shed water quickly when it resurfaces. Also like the backband. The only downsides I see are no seat adjustment and exceptionally heavy. I spent ~5hrs moving the seat as far up as possible by removing it and re-drilling the holes. The weight would seem to make it more durable, but does it really? Other creekers are lighter but still durable. Something I can live with, but reality is a light boat is easier and safer to handle on long/complex portages. I would also like a slightly larger cockpit. Recommend trying this boat if you are looking for a creeker.

    Craig A.

    Billings MT


    Me - 6'5", 37" inseam and size 13/14 ft, 228#, paddling since fall of 2000, mostly class IV, Chattooga, Tallulah etc. I have paddled a Dagger Vortex, Outlaw, Super Ego, Super EZ, Blunt, Gradient, Airhead. Positives- comfortable, I fit with thick soled paddling shoes. It floats me higher than any other boat. I liked the Gus but, in summer paddling clothes and no safety kit etc I felt a the very top of the weight range for it. In the Nomad with winter clothes, breakdown paddle, and 10# safety kit floats me well. The boat is very maneuverable for me. Ferries well and makes mid-current direction changes well. It doesn't snap into eddies like a playboat but does as well as most creek boats especially if you stay in a aggressive forward position. It boofs well mostly because of its speed. Bounces over holes. Surfs decently if you care. Doesn't hang up much on bony slides though more than the Gradient. I really don't have anything bad to say about how it paddles. However Tallulah is the hardest I have paddled in it but it was a blast there. Negatives- it is heavy but all the creek boats I have paddled are. I would would rather heavy and durable than light and sketchy. Some people have had excess wear under the seat but I have not had that. It is hard to get stuff behind the seat which is frustrating because there is a ton of room back there. Overall I think this is the best creek boat for the over 220# person out there for the type of paddling I do

    Steve Zerfass


    I'm 6'1, 210lbs, Size 12 feet. I mainly like to creek. I've had the boat for a year and got over 50 days of Class IV-V in it. I like it...i think it is a very capable creeker with a good shape that is very forgiving. I don't like the outfitting so much as it's not adjustable enough. I don't like the flip-stick backband, it would be better with a ratchet system. I also don't like the storage options. It's not really built for overnighters. The plastic deforms a little but bounces back. I'm not going to get another creek boat until this thing dies on me.

    Leopode Stoch


    Nomad 8.1 Whitewater Kayak by Dagger Kayaks for Kayaking

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