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Dagger Green Boat 11.5 Kayak
  • $1,066.50
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The Green Boat Whitewater Kayak

  • High-density polyethylene plastic
  • Contour Ergo Creek outfitting system:

    • Rotomolded tank seat w/ 3 inches fore/aft adjustment
    • Contour Ergo seat pad w/ booster insert
    • Adjustable padded backband
    • Adjustable quick-release hip pads
    • Ergonomic leg-lifter
    • Adjustable thigh braces
    • Foam-padded multi-direction adjustable bulkhead footbrace

  • Reinforced step-out bow wall w/ handle grip
  • Deck brace
  • Adjustable gear storage system w/ tensioning cord lock
  • Security bow/stern grab handles
  • Shopping Info
    Weight Length Width Cockpit Volume Paddler Weight
    50 lbs. 11'9" 24.5" 34.5" x 19" 95 gals. 140 - 260 lbs.

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    Dagger The Green Boat Whitewater Kayak - With the most desired performance and design innovations built in, The Green Boat from Dagger is the envy of the competition. This medal-winning long boat gives you speed engineered with stability and forgiveness The Green Boat offers turning and boofing to blast your favorite local creek, along with the capacity and speed to finally pursue that multi-day whitewater river trip. Contour Ergo outfitting has plenty of comfort for all-day river cruising, along with forward-thinking safety features. Experience one of the fastest self-contained creek/river running boats in the world with Dagger's The Green Boat kayak.

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    Had the Green Boat out the first time yesterday for about 5 hours. It is a wonderful and fun boat to paddle. While not whitewater, I did have 2 foot breaking waves, heavy currents and winds 15-20 mph on the Gulf. Young paddlers will not realize that the Green Boat behaves like an improved, refined design of the Long-Boats of the 1970's.

    Dan Teeny


    Designed to win last year’s Green River creek boat race (took four out of the top five spots), it became available to us mere mortals this past spring with refinements. If you like the idea of acquiring a NASCAR racer at a minivan price, you’ll love this. And, the possibilities extend beyond creeking. At 11'9" x 24", it harks back to old school, but has modern refinements that enable it to carve with ease. The speed comes from the long, narrow profile and is great to have when you need to go to the whip. If there’s a surf wave without access eddys, not to worry. You’ll be able to attain it from downstream when others can only watch. It will surf and carve (somewhat), but the slightly rounded bottom requires some adjustment. Some describe it as tippy, but I think they’re from a generation that was weaned on broad playboats. It’s lively, but that provides the easy lean to make it cut and run. Rolling is no problem. With rocker carefully dialed in at both ends, it will surprise you with its readiness to spin. The acceleration is quick with a bow-up attitude. This makes it a breeze to boof. It punches holes and eddy lines like a missile. The outfitting is comfortable and effective. Build quality is mass production. A map of the Green River is etched into the deck – nice touch. While its intent is creek racing, the size and speed open up other doors, like whitewater multi day tripping. Also, if your local river is pool-drop, with emphasis on the pools, this will get you from feature to feature with minimal time and effort. And, it’s just flat out fun!

    Fritz Von Lubken


    The Green Boat 11.5 Whitewater River Kayak by Dagger Kayaks for Kayaking

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