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Dagger Axis Kayaks

Dagger Axis Kayaks For Sale - Free Kayak Shipping The brand new Dagger Axis series is designed to transition seamlessly from kayaking flatwater to moving water. Sporty and athletic, the Axis kayak is ideal for the seasoned paddler who likes to do it all or the beginner paddler with a taste and aptitude for adventure.

What sets it apart: The whitewater-inspired kayak design features of the Dagger Axis give this kayak an energetic feel, without compromising stability, initial or on edge.

Dagger Axis Kayaks

Dagger Axis 10.5

Sporty and athletic! Ideal for the seasoned paddler.

Dagger Axis 12.0 Kayak Kayaks For Sale - Free Kayak Shipping

Dagger Axis 12.0

Unprecedented versatility in a single kayak!

Dagger Axis Kayaks - Kayak Free Shipping

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