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Brunton Explorer 2 Foldable Solar Panel
  • $81.60
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Explorer2 Folding Solar Portable Power

  • (4) Independent polycrystaline solar panels
  • 1,000 mA / 5V mini-USB output
  • Thin, lightweight & compact
  • Folded dimensions: 4.5 L x 9 W x 1 inches D
  • Weight:14.8 oz
  • Optimized for USB based
    • digital music players
    • portable games consoles
    • smart phones

  • Compatible with Brunton Sync Tech devices
  • Integrates w/Brunton power systems
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    Brunton Explorer2 Folding Solar Panel - The Explorer2 Folding Solar Panel by Brunton is a versatile folding solar charger which recharges many types of portable electronic devices. This compact workhorse folds to fit into crowded backpacks and saddle bags. It now charges at a whopping full 1000mA under good sun. The Explorer2 is perfect for juicing handheld electronics including the most demanding smart phones. Easy. Efficient. Effective. The Explorer2 Solar Portable Power by Brunton is a compact, convenient solar charger that will keep you powered up and going.
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    I got this solar charger to use charging AA eneloop batteries and my ipod. It has a high power output and works very well with the Brunton Solo Batt Pack, charging 4 AA or AAA batteries relatively quickly. What it cannot do is charge my ipod touch. It turns out that this is because of Apple, not a flaw in the charger. For whatever reason, they made it so that you simply cannot charge a 3rd gen. touch with this charger. What I found quite by accident is that if you plug a Boxwave Ipad charging adapter (<$10) into the solar panel's usb port first, then plug the docking cable into the adapter and the ipod, it will start charging after a 30 or so second delay. You need direct sunlight, or it gives you the scolding "charging is not supported with this accessory" message and glares at you. If you don't use the adapter, it doesn't even do this much. It just ignores the solar panel altogether. This unit has high power output, is relatively compact and allows you to charge pretty much anything that can be charged with a usb port completely off the grid.



    Explorer2 Folding Solar Panel by Brunton for Camping

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