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Brunton ADC Summit Atmospheric Data Center
  • $143.95
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ADC Summit Atmospheric Data Center

  • Waterproof / submersible
  • Weight: 2.4 oz
  • Dimensions: 4.3 L x 2 W x 0.8 inches D
  • Clock

    • 12/24 hour clock 
    • Time, day and
    • Chronograph
      Race/countdown timer 
    • Prediction for 12 hour's

  • Wind

    • Current wind
    • Maximum wind
    • Average wind
    • Wind speed alarm 
    • Wind chill 
    • Minimum wind
    • Wind chill alarm 

  • Temperature

    • Current

  • Altitude

    • Current altitude
    • Maximum altitude (ft,
    • Altitude alarm 

  • Barometric Pressure

    • Current barometric
    • Past 24 hour pressure

  •  Other Features

    • Current water
    • Storm alarm 
    • Ski run counter 

  • IR
    data communication 
  • Manual and automatic data
  • 2 Year warranty 

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Brunton Summit Atmospheric Data Center - The Summit Atmospheric Data Center by Brunton keeps you prepared, ahead of the weather and helps you predict the changing conditions. The Summit helps you track the wind, barametric pressure, temperature and altitude. It has a clock, alarms that you can set and a water speed calculator. These enhanced tools help you forecast weather, set warning signals, and let you time, track, log and download more performance data. The Summit Atmospheric Data Center by Brunton keeps you informed of the conditions in real time and aids you when planning and tracking future excursions into the unknown.
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I got this for Christmas to use while hiking in the Rocky Mountains and it works great. All the features work as advertised. The functions are all discoverable by pressing the buttons so no need to bring the manual along. Unlike another commenter I found the calibration to be straight forward and easy to do. It is worth noting the the device was calibrated and ready to use out-of-the-box. My only nitpick is the time it takes to reach the current temperature. It took almost 20 minutes for the device to go from 70 degrees to 40 degrees, it would be nice if you could set the averaging time like you can with wind speed. This is only a problem when first going outside, once it reaches the new temperature it's fine. I suspect the slow rate of change is intention to prevent the temperature display from fluctuating while the handling the device.

Joe hiker

Longmont, Co


I was leery about purchasing this after reading other reviews on other sites that give a bleak outlook on this unit. However, I decided to take the plunge, and I'm happy I did. I'm quite pleased with this unit's performance and feature set, and feel that it's a great buy for the money. It's quite accurate when calibrated and features a wealth of atmospheric data that any outdoorsman will find quite useful. I haven't dropped my unit in the water yet as the previous reviewer did, but I have found that it holds up just fine in the snow and rain, and is particulary well suited to climbing and skiing with its run tracking and vertical ascent and descent capabilities. The unit does have a couple of deficiencies. The buttons are small and hard to use with gloved hands, the quick release clip does not hold securely, and the user interface is not very intuitive and easy to use, but it can be mastered with practice. In summary, this unit has a few quirks but provides excellent capability and value for the money.


Talkeetna, Ak


Summit Atmospheric Data Center by Brunton for Camping

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