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Black Diamond nForce Ascender
  • $79.95
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nForce Ascender

  • Aluminum
  • Fits ropes 8-13mm
  • 4-bar pivot system
  • Large ergonomic grip
  • Carabiner clip-in point
  • Quick-release trigger
  • 245 g (8.6 oz )
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    nForce Ascender - Designed for maximum gripping force on wet, icy and muddy ropes, the nForce Ascender from Black Diamond is the top choice for jugging lines in any situation. The nForce's 4-bar linkage provides improved holding power and the 360-degree carabiner clip-in point allows a locking biner to rotate through. The large, ergonomic grip provides added dexterity and cam manipulation. Whatever you need it for, the Black Diamond nForce Ascender has you covered.

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    The Black Diamond nForce is the coolest-looking ascender on the market. It is loaded with design features never before seen on an ascender, including a tricked-out rope cam that gives multiple finger options for taking the rope on and off the rope and a handle that moves and assists in the rope camming. But it's not just the fancy features that caught our attention. The ascender uses an oversized clip-in point that means you can push through the gate of most locking biners. Simple yet brilliant. Overall, we prefer the Petzl Ascension because it is lighter and slides up the rope easier. However, we still like this ascender and would not hesitate to use it on a big wall. The extra features and cool look make it a great device to have on your aid rack.

    Chris McNamara


    They work fine and haven't slipped, but they don't slide up the rope as easily. The trigger is kind of handy, but the ascensions are just as easy.


    St. Paul, MN


    Has everything you need in an ascender, but the ability to disengage the mechanism with the index finger is what swayed my decision to the BD rather than the petzl.



    nForce Ascender by Black Diamond for Rock Climbing

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