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Black Diamond Sprinter Headlamp
  • $79.95
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Sprinter Headlamp

  • TriplePower LED w/ 130 lumens (max setting)
  • Strong, ovalized beam optimized for running
  • PowerTap technology allows fast and simple transitioning
  • Full strength, dimming & strobe settings
  • Lithium polymer battery recharges via USB cord
  • Protected against splashing water from all angles
  • 30 m max distance (highest setting)
  • 42 hours burn time (lowest setting)
  • 3.7 oz (w/ battery)
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    Black Diamond Sprinter Headlamp - The Sprinter Headlamp by Black Diamond opens up the dark for those whose trail time isn’t restricted to daytime hours. Designed for trail running, ultralight hiking and other high-impact activities, the Sprinter features a secure, well-balanced design that lets you take full advantage of its high-output lighting. It has one TriplePower LED with 130 lumens (on max setting) that projects a strong, ovalized beam to light the path ahead. The settings include full strength, dimming, strobe and lock, and the PowerTap technology allows for fast and simple transitioning between full and dimmed power, in distance and proximity modes. It is protected against splashing water from all angles, and the lithium polymer battery recharges via a USB cord. If you are looking for something to light your way that is perfect for streets and trails, you have found it with the Sprinter Headlamp by Black Diamond.

    Specs for Black Diamond Sprinter Headlamp:

    LED Type Max Lumens Max Distance
    Highest Setting
    Max Distance
    Lowest Setting
    Max Burn Time
    Highest Setting
    Max Burn Time
    Lowest Setting
    TriplePower 130 30 m 2 m 6 hrs 42 hrs

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    This product is amazing! I live in a rural area, so safety is very important, the only road to run on around here is a state HWY. The light is so bright you can be seen by drivers by up to 1/2 mile away! I know this because just yesterday I was stopped by a driver who wanted to tell me how awesome my light was and that he appreciated me making myself visible. He saw me from a 1/2 mile away WITH the sun to to MY back. The red light on the back ensures you're visible from all sides, and the battery pack ensures you won't go dark in the middle of a run. In fact I've had this light on for almost 2 straight days before it died! (I was trying to kill the battery to recharge it!) It is light and small enough you could also use it camping, hiking, climbing, whatever, and the light on the back would be especially useful for hiking or climbing in low light conditions so you're team could follow you.



    Purchased for Ragnar relay and used light on two of my three sections of running. It was great in low light and very bright for my night running when there was no moon. The flashing rear light was great. I do not think anyone had trouble seeing me come or go.



    I've had this headlamp for about nine months and just love it! Very bright up front and a red led strobe light in the rear so that I don't have to worry about being seen when running before sun up.

    Bruce F


    Black Diamond Headlamps

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