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Black Diamond Neutrino Rock Climbing Carabiner
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Rock Climbing Neutrino Carabiner

  • Optimal racking carabiner
  • Compact, full-function design
  • Large rope-bearing surface
  • Does not freeze up
  • Lightweight - 1.3 oz
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    Black Diamond Rock Climbing Neutrino Carabiner - The Neutrino Carabiner by Black Diamond is a biner designed for the weight-conscious climber. Thirty-six grams of wiregate perfection, this nimble carabiner is the ideal solution when you are looking for all-purpose, light and fast. Lighter than the HotWire and every bit as strong, the Neutrino is an optimal racking carabiner. The compact, full-function design and large rope-bearing surface makes the Neutrino a must have for the avid climber. No matter what kind of climbing you are in to, you can't go wrong with the Neutrino Carabiner by Black Diamond.

    Black Diamond Neutrino Carabiner:

    Closed Gate Strength Open Gate Strength Minor Axis Strength Gate Opening Weight
    24 kN - 5395 lbf 8 kN - 1798 lbf 7 kN - 1574 lbf 0.86" - 22 mm 1.3 oz - 36 g

    Click Here For A Sizing Chart

    Buy it, color coordinate with your rack of C4's, go on with your hopefully merry life. Neutrino 'biners are small and ideal for a light weight, full strength racking 'biner. I don't how much you'll actually notice a few ounces less weight on you, but the thought of less weight is nice.




    These are great all-around lightweight biners. I have smaller hands so they fit well in my hand and are easy to handle. I also like smaller biners for racking gear so things don't hang so low.


    Southern California


    Neutrino Carabiner by Black Diamond for Climbing

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