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Black Diamond Rock Climbing Etrier
  • $36.95 – $38.95
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Rock Climbing Etrier

  • 25 mm (1 inch) webbing
  • Reinforced clip-in & ballast point
  • Reinforced steps
  • Sold individually
  • 10 kN (2248 lbf) strength
  • 240 g (8.5 oz)
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    Black Diamond Rock Climbing Etrier - The Etrier from Black Diamond is an essential webbing ladder for aid climbing. The durable webbing is reinforced at the cli-in and ballast points. Reinforced steps ease climbing and increase durability. Stay protected on big climbs with the Black Diamond Etrier.

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    When I'm packing for a climbing trip, of course ropes, harnesses, and pro top the list, but this etrier has saved so much time and hassle on enough trips, that I ALWAYS bring it as well. No matter what climbing application I've used it for, whenever it leaves the pack and finds iteself on a rock face, it proves it's worth. Do I use it every trip? Not even close, but as I said, if it leaves the pack, it saves the day. Most of my trips in recent memory are with friends who don't climb often,and everybody knows that it can be a hassle finding a route that everybody can enjoy. I've hung this baby over a few hard spots and it helps meld the difference between skill levels. You can use it or ignore it. If you're climbing with a group, it can really make the difference between climbing a lot that day, or watching a lot that day. Certainly, a trip should be about the good company and not necessarily good climbing, but why not have both? Nobody likes to sit, wait, and watch(or worse belay) with a craned neck at the same person up there forever. A more practical use of this baby I've found, is to be hung from the anchor bolts of a top-roped climb. For routes that are best acessed from above, this ladder really proves it's worth when you're trying to start a rappel from above the anchor. Regardless of skill level, and depsite the relative clumbsiness of the etrier and the process in general,the ability to step down safely below the anchor is a win and has made the difference between a guest climbing, and a guest sitting it out, and saved lots of time by making that decision easier- and anybody who's taken friends climbing should understand that. Additionally, and I'm purely speculating here, it seems like it would be a useful thing to have around for an emergency or impromtu rescue.


    Tacoma, WA


    So far this product has met my expectations. I havn't really had a lot of opportunities to use it for what I had intended but I'm looking forward to it. It's pretty compact. Fits in a cargo pocket really well and doesn't get tangled up in itself. So far it's held any weight I've put on it and the steps do a good job of not collapsing when you put weight on it.




    I guess the BD etriers work for what they are supposed to. However the steps themselves are kind of rigid and I found that they tend to get stuck in cracks. Kind of annoying.




    Good etrier. Has the perfect size and the feet easily get into the steps.



    Etrier by Black Diamond for Rock Climbing

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