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Black Diamond Oval Rock Climbing Carabiner
  • $5.84
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Oval Rock Climbing Carabiner

  • Orignal aid climbing carabiner
  • Uniform shape prevents shifting
  • Large carrying capacity
  • Proven symmetrical design
  • 2.2 oz – 62 g
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    Black Diamond Oval Rock Climbing Carabiner - The Oval Rock Climbing Carabiner by Black Diamond is the original aid climbing carabiner and an essential part of any big wall rack. The iconic, symmetrical Oval is the proven biner for big walling due to its smooth, uniform shape that reduces carabiner shift and allows the rope to run smoothly. A favorite on gear racks for years, the Black Diamond Oval carabiner is a fine all-around choice good for use as a carabiner brake and for racking nuts and iron. If you are a big wall climber looking for the perfect biner, you have found it with the Oval Rock Climbing Carabiner by Black Diamond.

    Black Diamond Light D Rock Climbing Carabiner:

    Closed Gate Strength Open Gate Strength Minor Axis Strength Gate Opening Weight
    18 kN - 4046 lbf 6 kN - 1349 lbf 7 kN - 1574 lbf 0.71" - 18 mm 2.2 oz - 62 g

    Click Here For A Sizing Chart

    Bomber biner, a little on the heavy side but well worth the extra weight. Cheap enough to use as lowering gear, and a very versatile piece. I like using mine for little finicky stuff where I don't rely on a non-locker for life or death but would trust this biner to take falls. Gates are smooth as butter.




    I bought a few of these guys for clip and leave purposes. They are strong and not too expensive. Plus I have seen some of the gear left by climbers and if I have any choice at all, I will not run my ropes through other peoples gear...too much at stake for me to trust someone elses gear that they left behind. These guys are smooth, round, and wide. Perfect, in my opinion, for a rope to run through. And if for some reason you can't make it up to collect them, they are not too expensive to leave behind. Simple and Great!


    Dallas, TX


    Oval Carabiner by Black Diamond for Climbing

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