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Black Diamond Fifi Hook
  • $14.95
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Fifi Hook

  • Aluminum alloy
  • Sewn 15 cm sling
  • Supports body weight only
  • 22g (0.8 oz)
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    Black Diamond Fifi Hook - A simple hook for added efficiency in aiders, the Fifi Hook from Black Diamond is essential for serious aid pitches. Proven on multiple summits of El Capitan and many other big wall classics, the Fifi Hook comes with a pre-sewn-in runner. The low-profile hook is light and durable. A hole on top lets you rig more advanced solo hauling systems. Clip in and focus on the next piece with the Black Diamond Fifi Hook.
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    Nice and light. stays hooked on gear the way it should. The sling is a little on the long side and can be a pain to fiddle with at times.

    Matt Oakley


    I bought this to be part of my aid climbing kit. I attach it to my belay loop and hook it to the biner connected to the ladder being use at this particular time. It save your arm strength trying to hold your body close to the wall as you climb above your waist line above the biner. One thing I want to emphasize is Black Diamond site mentioned:" support's body weight only". Do not fall on it or jump on it. You will bend it or worse. These do not have a impact strength like any other rock climbing protection gear. Overall, great.


    Halifax, Nova Scotia


    these are a nice fi fi. they are lighter than other hooks out there and its just plain convenient that they come pre slung with sewn 9/16 webbing, saves a lot of trouble with messy water knots and trying to guess the right length. many believe that these are slung too long but if you do a little research i think youll find that most people want thier fifis shorter than what is truly proper. plus, would BD get it wrong? i for one an fine with admitting that they probably know better than i do on some if not all things. nice little fifi, im in.

    kev p


    Good hook, but metal is soft and bends/gouging happens easily. The stitching gets in the way when you girth-hitch it to where you want to. Besides these downfalls, it's still a good & trustworthy piece of gear.


    British Columbia


    Fifi Hook by Black Diamond for Rock Climbing

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