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Bending Branches Sunburst XL 14 Bent Shaft Canoe Paddle
  • $223.90
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Sunburst 14 XL Wood Canoe Paddle

  • Basswood, Roasted Basswood, & Red Alder blade
  • 8.1 x 19-inch blade size
  • 14-degree bend
  • 2oz. fiberglass blade wrap
  • Rockgard tip protection
  • Ovalized & tapered T-700 Carbon shaft
  • Contour palm grip
  • 17 oz. average weight
  • Handcrafted in Osceola, Wisconsin USA
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty against defects
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    Bending Branches Sunburst 14 XL Canoe Paddle - The Sunburst 14 XL canoe paddle by Bending Branches combines years of craftsmanship with state-of-the-art composite technology. From tip to grip the Sunburst 14 XL is designed with the canoe elitist in mind. Its large blade adds power and instant acceleration, while the bent shaft increases efficiency. The T-700 carbon shaft is ovalized and tapered for a more natural feel and comfort. A lightweight fiberglass blade wrap and full Rockgard protection add durability and extend the life of your paddle The Bending Branches Sunburst 14 XL paddle will propel you to places you've only dreamed of.

    Rockguard Tip Protection - The tip of every Bending Branches paddle is protected with exclusive Rockgard technology. This proprietary technology - derived from the same material as inline skate wheels - maintains the integrity of the paddle, seals against moisture and protects the most vulnerable areas - the tips and edges. This unmatched shock absorption helps these wood paddles last up to six times longer than those without protection. When you hold Rockguard technology in your hands, you can feel confident that your paddle will give you what you need, when you need it....and come back for more.

    Sizing for Bending Branches Sunburst 14 XL Canoe Paddle:

    A simple and accurate way to find the correct paddle length is to measure your torso. Sit up straight on a flat surface and measure from the surface in between your legs to your nose. Then follow the chart below:

    Torso Length Paddle Size
    26" 48"
    28" 50"
    30" 52"
    32" 54"

    Click Here For A Sizing Chart

    The Sunburst is a really great paddle. It has a powerful blade and a full on carbon shaft - it feels really light even at the end of the day. I use it on flatwater and for fishing in gentle streams but some people I know use it in more aggressive white water. I highly recommend this paddle for users who paddle the distance and can benefit from the weight savings.

    D. Hamilton

    Eire, Mi


    This paddle is awesome! I was hesitant to buy it, but really glad I did. It is feather light @ 17 ounces to minimize fatigue. The big blade provides plenty of power when needed. The palm grip handle is very comfortable and more user friendly for me.

    Corrine Jantz

    Denver, Co


    Great paddle. Super light weight. I got the XL paddle expecting a minimal power increase but I severely underestimated the advantage it gave me in canoe racing!

    Philip Grove


    In my preparation for a couple canoe races, I did some serious research on which paddles my racing partner and I wanted to invest in. 300 miles over 4 days in the central Texas heat lends itself to taking every advantage you can over the competitors and the elements. The Bending Branches canoe paddles were by far the best we found for our specific needs! I received the pair of paddles three days after ordering!!! Talk about fast delivery and great customer service.

    Mark Vlaskamp


    I purchased this paddle just over a year ago, I have about 800 miles on it now and thought I would give my thoughts. I paddle A Kruger Sea Wind and do alot of expidition paddling. I am not a racer but we do cover aolt of miles a day. The ergonomics of the paddle are great. I can paddle for 16 hours easily with this design and shape. Its very comfortable and when needed I can put the power down. The grip is very comfortable and I have never got a blister from it. I love the texture of the shaft. It doesnt get slippery when wet. I can maintain a good grip in the rain no problem. The downside I am seeing is I have already wore through the clearcoat on the end of the blade. The rockguard seems to be holding up okay, but the coating on the wood that meets the rock guard towards the end is gone. I just got back from a 5 day trip and noticed it. I will have to let it dry out good and reseal it with something or its going to end up breaking. Over all a good paddle. I would recomend to anyone who paddles moderate distances on fairly easy rivers. If you put away some miles, paddle tough rivers, or paddle upstream alot, its probably not the best choice.

    Brian Keel


    Sunburst 14 XL Wood Paddle by Bending Branches for Canoeing

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