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Bending Branches Sun Shadow Crank Evening Paddle
  • $220.96
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Sun Shadow Evening Crankshaft 2-Piece Kayak Paddle

  • 21-layer laminate Basswood shaft
  • Ergonomic crankshaft design
  • Basswood, Red Alder, & Butternut blades
  • Mid-size Evening blade shape
  • 5.75-in x 21-in blades
  • 2-piece take-apart construction
  • Composite 3-position ferrule(0º, 60º right or left)
  • Heavy-duty drip rings
  • 38.5 oz. average weight
  • Handcrafted in Osceola, Wisconsin USA
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty against defects
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    Bending Branches Sun Shadow Evening Crankshaft Paddle - The Sun Shadow Evening Crankshaft kayak paddle from Bending Branches is completely unique in paddlesports. Engineered to ergonomically align your wrists during the power stroke, allowing you to paddle for hours with more comfort and less fatigue. These agriculturally-grown hardwoods are hand-crafted with precision into beautiful, lightweight and durable paddles. The Sun Shadow features a 21-laminate Basswood shaft and Basswood, Alder, and Butternut blades. Rockguard tip protection increases the durability of the Sun Shadow Crank, and heavy-duty drip rings help keep water out of your lap. Enjoy the warm comforting feel of a wood kayak paddle with the Bending Branches Sun Shadow Evening Crankshaft kayak paddle.

    Sizing for Bending Branches Sun Shadow Evening Crankshaft Kayak Paddle: When determining paddle length, the kayak width is the limiting factor for recreational kayaking. The sizing chart below should ensure you aren't hitting your knuckles on the hull as you paddle. For sleeker touring/sea kayaks ones paddling style and physical size plays more heavily.

    Kayak Width Under 23" 24" to 28" 29"-33"
    Paddler Height Recommended Paddle Length
    Under 5'5" 210-220 cm 220-230 cm 230-240 cm
    5'5" - 5'11" 220 cm 230 cm 230-240 cm
    6'+ 220-230 cm 230-240 cm 240 cm

    In a sit-on-top kayak, if the seat is raised 6 inches or higher above the base, add 10cm in length.

    Click Here For A Sizing Chart

    I purchased a Bending Branches Sun Shadow a couple weeks ago, and find it to be a significant upgrade from the entry level Mohawk I've used the past few years. The oval shaft fits well in the hands and the balance is excellent. Noticed no tendency to flutter, and it moves my kayak smoothly in both rivers and flat water lakes. Fit and finish on the components is very good.

    Mark Miller

    St Paul, MN


    I have had a couple of these in my paddle collection for the past few years. They are some of the prettiest of stock paddles, but still tough enough for the rocky rivers we paddle. The tip protector on one of the paddles came loose this year, but it was an easy repair.

    Hector Ramirez

    Austin, TX


    I just wanted to give you some positive feedback. My husband has just opened the Wood Sun Shadow Paddle as a birthday gift. The paddle is a real piece of art. Beautiful craftsmanship and we are very, very impressed. Your service was excellent and the product exquisite! We will definitely order from you again!

    Terry Main

    Kingston, AR


    Bending Branches Sun Shadow Wood Touring Sea Kayak Paddle for Kayaking

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