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AquaPac MP3 Case
  • $47.95
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MP3 Case

  • PVC-free polyurethane
  • Fits MP3 players 4.25" tall by 6" in circumference
  • Clear front panel for operating controls
  • Built-in external headphone jack
  • Guaranteed submersible to 15 m
  • Includes neck cord & carabiner
  • 1.8 oz/50 g
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    Now you can take your tunes with you on the river and not be concerned about getting your MP3 player wet. It's designed with a built-in external headphone jack for earphones, and the clear front panel allows full operation of controls and click wheels while still inside the case. It is foam-padded for extra comfort and protection, while remaining very lightweight. The included neck cord and carbiner keep you MP3 player close at hand. The Aquapac MP3 Case is also PVC-Free! It is now made from Polyurethane (PU) making it 100% recyclable, thinner, flexible when it's cold, and much easier to operate equipment inside the cases. This bag will fit a large variety of MP3 players, please see our Aquapac Fit List to ensure your player is compatible.

    The Aquaclip is the key to all Aquapacs. This amazing little device seals the case with a simple twist of a lever. It has a V-groove in one half and a raised V on the other. When the levers on the male half are turned they run up a ramp on the female half squeezing the two together. The pressure's not sufficient to cut the soft plastic case material, but just enough to make a totally hermetic seal. The two halves are attached to the case by a pair of "flexible clips" in such a way that the whole case stays in one piece, even when open.

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    Using Aquapac has given me trust & confidence to take camera, radio, & mobile phone on board our sailboat. To have the use of an MP3 case allows us to add music to our sailing as well. Aquapac has opened an extra level of enjoyment to our time spent out on the water.

    Capt. Salty

    Key West


    Aqua Pac Water Proof Case

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