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Aquapac Large Camera Dry Case
  • $48.95
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Large Camera Case

  • PVC-free polyurethane
  • High-frequency welded seams
  • 6.5-in long by x 10.2-in circumference
  • Patented Aquaclip closure
  • LENZFLEX optically-clear front & back windows
  • Flexible when cold
  • Dust, dirt & sand-resistant
  • Waterproof to 15 feet (IPX 8)
  • Includes:

    • Detachable/adjustable shoulder strap
    • 3 2g desiccant packets included
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    Aquapac Large Camera Dry Case - Slip your camera into the Large Camera Case from Aquapac and take it with you on the boat, in the pool, or wherever you want. Guaranteed 100% waterproof to 15 feet, it also protects against dust dirt and sand. Optically-clear LENZFLEX windows front and back let you capture unmissable moments with remarkable clarity. The Aquaclip (a patented, ultra-secure, rustproof, injection-molded plastic seal) opens and closes with a simple twist of two levers, and everything stays in one piece even when open. High-frequency welded seams form a super-strong bond, and Aquapac cases float safely if dropped in the water. Get great shots completely worry-free with the Aquapac Large Camera Case.

    The Aquaclip is the key to all Aquapacs. This amazing little device seals the case with a simple twist of a lever. It has a V-groove in one half and a raised V on the other. When the levers on the male half are turned they run up a ramp on the female half – squeezing the two together. The pressure’s not sufficient to cut the soft plastic case material, but just enough to make a totally hermetic seal. The two halves are attached to the case by a pair of ‘flexible clips’ in such a way that the whole case stays in one piece, even when open.

    Photo Taking Tips:
    -Make sure window is clean
    -Hold lens as close to window as possible
    -Avoid using your Flash
    -Underwater pictures work best in bright sunlight

    Sizing for Aquapac Large Camera Dry Case:

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    This Aquapac case was acquired for a forthcoming trip in which I expect rain, snow and spattering with salt water. It looks solid and well-built enough to withstand all that. I've tested it by running water all over it, especially along the closure, to see if any would get in there. When I was through it was dry inside. The Lenzflex material is very clear and flexible, so it doesn't interfere in the photos or hinder manipulation of the camera buttons. Since I'll be taking both cameras on the trip, at least the Panasonic will be protected.



    We bought the Aquapac as a last resort before we went on vacation to Puerto Rico since the underwater case for our new point and shoot was not out yet. We were skeptical about the quality of the Aquapac at first, but after several tests in the pool, it seemed it would not let us down. We took Aquapac on our trips to the beach and all over the island and I must say, it worked very well...considering... It is a strong plastic bag that houses and protects your camera from water and sand, however, do NOT wear sunscreen when attempting to use the Aquapac. You will undoubtedly smear your sunblock (or sun tan lotion for that matter) all over the bag and it will render it useless(until the next chance you get to clean it). Your pictures will come out blurry and hazy. Other than that, the Aquapac saved our camera, and allowed for some great pictures. You can't even tell in the pictures, unless of course you get water bubbles, or sunscreen smeared all over the pac.

    Fully recommend it...(as long as you leave the sunscreen behind)

    Oh and remember, there is no flash picture taking with the Aquapac on. The flash bounces off the plastic and renders your images completely useless. Great for daylight/outdoor shooting!


    McAllen, TX


    Main reason I bought this case was to keep a larger point and shoot camera dry during a fishing trip. Case was functional but was a bit cumbersome to get the camera in and out. Kept the camera dry and was functional at taking pictures through. Settings need to be made prior to putting the camera in the case.




    Large Camera Case by Aquapac for Kayaking

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