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AIRE Force Inflatable Kayak
  • $1,649.00
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Force Inflatable Kayak

  • Aircell System 2-layer construction:

    • 24 oz./1100 denier outer PVC tubes
    • 27 oz./1100 denier outer PVC floor
    • 14 mm inner urethane bladders
    • Double-zipper access
    • Welded seams

  • 4 air chambers w/ Leafield B7 valves
  • Adjustable thigh straps
  • Adjustable bow/stern float bags
  • 2 drain holes
  • 4 D-rings
  • Bow/stern carry handles
  • Includes repair kit
  • 32 lbs.
  • 10-year manufacturer warranty
  • Shopping Info

    Length Width Tube Diameter Rocker Waterline Max Capacity Weight
    9'6" 36" 10.5" 11" 62" < 275 lbs. 32 lbs.

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    AIRE Force Inflatable Kayak - The Force inflatable kayak from AIRE is designed to mimic the maneuverability of hard shell kayaks, while providing the security and safety of an inflatable kayak. No other inflatable comes close to matching the Force's quickness and river play performance. The Force surfs waves, edges in and out of eddies, punches through holes and maneuvers quickly. Included thigh straps enhance your control while surfing, rolling and completing tricks, and built-in bow/stern float bags help you roll the AIRE Force like a pro. All are adjustable so the kayak can be dialed in to fit a wide range of sizes. PVC-coated tubes and floor provide superior durability, and internal bladders provide an extra measure of strength and safety. Play in holes, surf waves and at the end of the day, roll it up to fit into your trunk - if you're looking for the performance of a hard-shell with the convenience of an inflatable, then the AIRE Force inflatable kayak is for you.

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    I've paddled a number of inflatable kayaks over the last 20 years in Alaska to Texas and this is the best handling boat I've ever paddled. This is not a beginner’s boat. You do tip much easier than say a Lynx and you had best understand the use of the hips and a good brace or you will swim a lot. I love this thing for running waterfalls--it cushions the fall and boofs really nicely. It does get a little unstable if you load it with gear for an overnighter---I would stay out of difficult 4's when loaded up.

    Martin Grament

    Nederland, CO


    This boat is outstanding. If you feel inflatable IK's are just floating bathtubs and want something really high-performance, this is the boat. It has many of the characteristics of a hard-shell without having to worry about missing your roll. Bravo to Aire.


    Bay Area, California


    We bought the Lynx 1 and the Force at the same time a couple years ago. We paddle them both on the Ocoee (Class 3/4). I have also taken the Force down the middle fork of the Salmon. So here are my thoughts: The Force has some big advantages over the Lynx in my opinion. The biggest is the air bags. This keeps the boat manageable when it fills with water. There just isn't as much water to drain after it fills. This allows you to make corrections in big water while the lynx gets a little bogged down while waiting to drain. I also like the tight fit of the Force. I am 5' 10" and 190 and I like the feel of being locked into the boat. It paddle pretty close to a hard boat but of course it still isn't at that performance level. The stability is great as long as you don't pump the floor up too high. I always leave it a little low in bigger water and doing this makes it almost as stable as the Lynx. Make sure you attach some flip tethers to the bottom on each side so you can get back in it. Also order a longer paddle. A standard 197 paddle isn't powerful enough for me in a duck. The quality is wonderful and I would only buy Aire now. My main message here is buy the Force over the Lynx unless you are carrying a bunch of stuff. If you want stability then drop all the way down to the Outfitter. I haven't tried the new Lynx but the one I have doesn't offer enough of a difference over the Force to put up with the large water that must drain out. The Force is wonderful and we haven't even started playing in it.


    Ocoee Tennessee


    Force Inflatable Kayak by AIRE for Kayaking

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