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AT Paddles AT2 Carbon Whitewater Kayak Paddle
  • $440.00
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Technology AT2 Flexi Kayak Paddle

  • Carbon braid blades

    • Urethane foam cores
    • Protective Dynell trim
    • 710 cm²

  • Carbon & fiberglass braided shaft
  • Unibody blade/shaft construction
  • Patented ergonomic Full Control Grip
  • 30° offset
  • 38 oz.
  • 1-piece design
  • 1-year warranty
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    AT Paddles AT2 Flexi Whitewater Kayak Paddle - The AT2 Flexi is the finest freestyle and play whitewater kayak paddle available. The foundation of the AT2 Flexi kayak paddle is the patented Full Control Grip. Designed with sports physiologists, the shaft is bent on two planes to properly align your forearm and wrist bones, while the ergonomic grip area is perfectly shaped to fit your hands. You’ll have more power and control, with reduced stress on tendons and ligaments. The powerful hydrodynamic blade shapes are designed for smooth transitions. Foam cores minimize flutter and add more energy in your strokes and braces, letting you paddle longer without tiring. Rugged Dynell edging prevents your paddle blade from wearing down, giving you consistently powerful strokes over time. The shaft is a hybrid braid of carbon and fiberglass, simulating the soft feel and natural flex of a wooden shaft, reducing stress to your joints even more.

    Please note: this product can only be shipped to U.S. addresses. If you attempt to order this item and have it shipped outside the US, we will contact you and cancel the order. However, it is OK to purchase this product with an international credit card and have the product shipped to a US address

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    I have been using the AT2 on and off for about a month now. I have used it in ocean surf, class 3 play and class 5 in California, in a pool, ect. I wanted to wait till I had thoroughly used the paddle before giving any feeback to the public. Now that I have used it extensively, I must say I love it.

    Jimmy Blakeney

    Wheeling, WV


    Anyone who has ever used an AT knows that they are the best bent shaft paddles money can buy. AT actually pioneered bent shafts. I’ve been using one for 4 years now and have been completely satisfied every river trip. The AT2 is definitely my favorite paddle for play boating. The foam blades have a nice feel in the foam pile and the unique contour grip gives you control like no other paddle. I’d recommend the AT2 to any paddler who likes to freestyle and down river play. They’re expensive, but once you get your hands on one you’ll never let go!

    Steve Erikson

    Hilton NY


    The one paddle I just can't do without. I've used just about everything else out there, and come back to the AT2 every time. The oversized pistol grips fit my hands perfectly. It's not the most powerful paddle I've used, but it is the most fluid, and moves seamlessly from stroke to stroke. From cartwheeling to surfing to creeking, the AT2 has done everything I've ever asked of it.

    Brian Massey

    Hood River, OR


    AT Paddles AT2 Carbon Whitewater Kayak Paddle for Kayaking

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