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Adjustable Anatomic Micro Kayak Backband
  • $84.90
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Adjustable Anatomic Micro Backband

  • 4.5" x 13.5"
  • Aluminum ratchet buckles
  • Adjustable lumbar plunger
  • Rigid anatomic plate
  • Dual density foam
  • Power Post height adjustment
  • Durable neoprene cover
  • Instructions and hardware included
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    NSI Adjustable Anatomic Micro Kayak Backband - The Adjustable Anatomic Micro Kayak Backband by NSI helps with a common complaint of many kayakers, an aching back. NSI's line of Anatomic Back Bands break new ground in ergonomic fit and performance. They are designed with constant-curve sides and a convex center, providing the direct contact necessary for true lower back support. The combination of a rigid anatomic plate with dual density foam buttress keeps the center convex for optimum lumbar support and soft comfort. The Lumbar Plunger gives you complete customization of the amount of lumbar support. When the strap and cam buckle are engaged to the desired position, the lumbar plate moves and applies more positive contact to the lumbar region. Ratchet buckles can be released to open a large clearance area for easy boat entry. A neoprene cover provides a durable and aesthetically pleasing look. Power Posts further improve the performance of the back band by eliminating slippage. Two high-density, semi-rigid pre-drilled plastic strips anchor the back band to an adjustable track, keeping the back band at the desired height. Anatomic Back Bands easily attach to the boat’s seat-mounting bolts, insuring a secure, rigid installation. NSI back bands combined with Power Posts will reduce back discomfort, while producing maximum output and range of motion from the shoulders, back and abdomen. All instructions and hardware are included. When comfort is as important to you as your fun, make sure you have the Adjustable Anatomic Micro Kayak Backband by NSI.

    Click here for: Installation Instructions

    Sizing for NSI Adjustable Anatomic Micro Kayak Backband: Dimensions: 4.5" x 13.5"

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    I've used the NSI backbands for the last 5 years in just about every boat I've owned. There's simply no better back support available. The 3-piece constuction allows much better contact with my back than IR or other's backbands, and the adjustable lumbar support lets me dial the fit to exactly where I want it. Installation is also very simple. I haven't found a boat yet I couldn't fit one in.

    Ron Troll

    Mishawaka IN


    I'm a kayker with a bad back, and a bunch of other stuff that comes with 30 yrs worth of construction. So what, you say! Well I upgraded my boat's minimal back with the NSI version with the adjustable back plundger. This is a nice upgrade. It offers good support and comfort. I know that a back band's function is to keep you from sliding of the back osf your seat, but some of us need a little more help, and this unit delivers. It's fully adjustable, and easy to install.

    Barbara Cox

    Tulsa OK


    I had been suffering with the Rapid Pulse seat/backband combo that came with my QCC500X, but decided to help my old aching back after reading a positive review of the NSI in Sea Kayaker. While the Rapid Pulse allowed my back to form a "C", the NSI supports from the small of the back without pinching your sides.

    Paul Tristar

    Buffalo NY


    Adjustable Anatomic Micro Kayak Backband for Kayaking

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