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Surf to Summit 8' Coiled Kayak Paddle Leash
  • $29.95
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8 Coiled Paddle Leash

  • Thermal-molded urethane
  • Velcro collar w/ rubber lining
  • Plastic attachment clip
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    Made from solid urethane thermal-molded stock, the Coiled Paddle Leash combines maximum elasticity with resolute memory. The double bar-tacked seams are bolstered by a strong plastic attachment clip that won’t scratch or damage the surface of glass and composite boats. The tough velcro collar resists the mightiest of tugs, while sticky rubber lining adds extra paddle grab.
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    This is one of those “peace of mind” gear that you don’t know you need until something bad happens. Long story short, I fell off my Scrambler 11 crossing the breakers near Ponte Vedra Beach and while I kept a hold of my kayak, my paddle took off. I thought it would end up on the beach but I never saw it again. I won’t let that happen with my next paddle thanks to this leash!

    Stephen Links



    This potentially well-made paddle leash has one fatal flaw, the cheap plastic clip at the end of the leash that attaches the leash to the deck strapping on the kayak. The locking mechanism of this plastic clip barely engages, so that very little force is required to force open the clip in the wrong direction. This in turn risks loss of one's paddle, since the plastic clip, when open, can disconnect from the kayak's deck strapping. Since the sole purpose of a paddle leash is to prevent paddle loss, this leash, as sold, is completely worthless. I removed the cheap plastic clip from my leash and replaced it with an aluminum locking carabiner. That forced me to spend an additional $9.00. It's too bad that the manufacturer destroyed the robustness of this otherwise excellent leash with their choice of a junk plastic clip, most likely just to save a couple of pennies. Considering that a leash is a safety device, this manufacturer, Surf to Summit, has done a real disservice to the kayaking public.


    San Jose, CA.


    8' Coiled Kayak Paddle Leash for Kayaking

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